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Cream Teas at Wisteria Cottage hosted by Tony and Lynda Raymond for Friends of St James, July 2001        Photo: Ian Jack

Village news...

In the election four parish councillors were returned unopposed. We say goodbye to Jonathan Lawton with many thanks after a long stint as councillor. We'll be looking to co-opt a fifth councillor at our next parish council meeting.


A support group of volunteers has been set up headed by Shelley Frost (shelleyaf@hotmail.co.uk), working with the parish council to offer help to those who may need it. The group has distributed leaflets round the parish to give details. If you need help, please contact Shelley or one of the parish councillors.

The parish council runs an email list, to which most residents of the parish have enrolled, enabling us to get important information out as fast as possible. This email list is confidential and recipients' email addresses are not revealed. If you would like to join this list, please contact Eleanor Jack (jack.eleanor@gmail.com).

The latest government advice can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

Travelling Library Service

Note: changes to the service. The library will now visit from 9.45am -10.15.

The travelling library usually visits Waresley every first Friday in the month. 9.15am outside the Duncombe Arms.
This is part of the Cambridgeshire library service, so books from the travelling library can be returned to any other Cambridgeshire library and vice versa. Books can be renewed on-line. You can also request books on-line - to be collected from the travelling library. There is a wide selection of books including large print and there is a large childrens section.

Because of the bank holiday on 3rd June, the library's next visit is Tuesday May 31st at 9.45 am.

A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet


Following the choice of the Northern orange route, Highways England opened a public consultation on the details of the new A428 route from the Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet. The consultation has now closed but the comments can be found at




There is also a “fly-through” video at



WPC councillors attended a Highways briefing on 21st April, 2021. Construction on the A428 cannot start until Highways have obtained a Development Consent Order. This process generally takes about 18 months, ending in a detailed examination of the plan by the Planning Inspectorate. Meanwhile geological, environmental and archaeological surveys are taking place along the route and Highways are talking to the landowners affected.

Highways England submitted the application for their DCO at the end of February 2021 and we are now in the pre-exam stage, with the examination expected to last from August to Jan22. The road is expected to be open by 2025-26.


East-West Rail Route

Reminder: East-West Rail drop-in session at Wyboston Lakes May 18th 2pm-8pm

Route E was chosen as the preferred route for the Bedford to Cambridge leg of the East-West Oxford to Cambridge rail link.

This route involves a station at Tempsford or to the South of St Neots and then cuts across country to a station at Cambourne, then heads SE to enter Cambridge from the South.

Waresley-cum-Tetworth Parish Council supports Cambourne Town Council, in their campaign to site the station at Cambourne to the North, where there would be easy access to the A428, as opposed to the current proposed siting to the southwest.

A new consultation was then launched opened, inviting the public to comment on 5 different routes, mainly within the swathe of Route E.

WPC strongly supported Route 1 which proposes a station to the South of St Neots and follows a route similar to that of the A428 via a station to the North of Cambourne. Our second choice would be Route 9, which follows a similar route, but has a station at Tempsford instead of St Neots. However we feel it important that there should be a station as close to St Neots as possible. Both these routes avoid our parish completely, as does Route 2, but this goes to Cambourne South.

We strongly opposed Routes 6 and 8 which go cross country cutting between Waresley and Abbotsley to a station to the South of Cambourne. 

All the proposed routes cut across country from Cambourne to enter Cambridge from the South. However, there was an opportunity in the consultation feedback form to comment on a possible Northern route entering Cambridge from the North via Northstowe. This is similar to the route proposed by CamBedRail Road (CBRR) which WPC supports and which makes a lot more sense, given a station to the North of Cambourne.
To find out more about CBRR go to www.cambedrailroad.org

The consultation is now closed and we await the results.

Luton Airport Stack

NATS (National Air Traffic Services) is proposing a holding stack for Luton airport sited over Grafham Water. The proposed route for aircraft leaving the stack takes them over Waresley at heights of 8000-7000ft.

A consultation was launched but both alternatives brought the flightpath over Waresley. The parish council objected strongly and has asked that the consultation be relaunched with a genuine choice of routes. We wrote to our MP, encouraged everyone in the parish to respond and contacted other affected parishes. However NATS decision was to choose Option1 (the least worst for us) with the slight concession that aircraft leaving the stack would generally be coming over us at 9000ft instead of 8000 ft.
Full consultation results can be seen at

The CAA have now approved the changes.


Forthcoming parish council meetings

We are now back to holding face to face meetings, which are usually held in Waresley Village Hall.

The  next parish council meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 19th at 8pm. This will be the AGM