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Cream Teas at Wisteria Cottage hosted by Tony and Lynda Raymond for Friends of St James, July 2001        Photo: Ian Jack

Village news...

The next parish council meeting  is on Thursday August 15th (postponed from Aug 8th)
 8pm in the Village Hall. All welcome

Agenda to be found, closer to the time, under the Parish Council Page, Minutes and Agendas.

Travelling Library Service

Note: changes to the service. The library will now visit from 9.45am -10.15.

The travelling library usually visits Waresley every first Friday in the month. 9.45am outside the Duncombe Arms. 

This is part of the Cambridgeshire library service, so books from the travelling library can be returned to any other Cambridgeshire library and vice versa. Books can be renewed on-line. You can also request books on-line - to be collected from the travelling library. There is a wide selection of books including large print and there is a large childrens section.

The next visit is Friday August 2nd

A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet


The A428 improvements were granted their DCO (Development Consent Order, and work was due to start. However a Transport Action Network applied for a judicial review. Although the review has been refused by a judge, the legal proceedings await a High Court hearing and work on the route was delayed until then. As of 31st March, the action group were refused permission for a judicial review, and so work can go ahead.

More information at




There is also a “fly-through” video at



The road was expected to be open by 2025-26.


East-West Rail Route


Route E was chosen as the preferred route for the Bedford to Cambridge leg of the East-West Oxford to Cambridge rail link.

This route involves a station at Tempsford or to the South of St Neots and then cuts across country to a station at Cambourne, then heads SE to enter Cambridge from the South.

Waresley-cum-Tetworth Parish Council supports Cambourne Town Council, in their campaign to site the station at Cambourne to the North, where there would be easy access to the A428, as opposed to the current proposed siting to the southwest.

A new consultation was then launched opened, inviting the public to comment on 5 different routes, mainly within the swathe of Route E.

WPC strongly supported Route 1 which proposes a station to the South of St Neots and follows a route similar to that of the A428 via a station to the North of Cambourne. Our second choice would be Route 9, which follows a similar route, but has a station at Tempsford instead of St Neots. However we feel it important that there should be a station as close to St Neots as possible. Both these routes avoid our parish completely, as does Route 2, but this goes to Cambourne South.

We strongly opposed Routes 6 and 8 which go cross country cutting between Waresley and Abbotsley to a station to the South of Cambourne. 

All the proposed routes cut across country from Cambourne to enter Cambridge from the South. However, there was an opportunity in the consultation feedback form to comment on a possible Northern route entering Cambridge from the North via Northstowe. This is similar to the route proposed by CamBedRail Road (CBRR) which WPC supports and which makes a lot more sense, given a station to the North of Cambourne.
To find out more about CBRR go to www.cambedrailroad.org

The results of the consultation have finally been published and the preferred route is a combination of Routes 1 and 9 to be known as Route 1 (Tempsford).
Tempsford was chosen rather than St Neots South but the rail will proceed North along the line of the A1, turning East to the South of St Neots and following the line of the new A428 to Cambourne North, This was good news for Waresley. 

For more details see


There will be a statutory consultation, probably in 2024.

Luton Airport Stack

Following an unsatisfactory consultation to change flight approaches to Luton airport, we are now in the post implementation period. This period has now been extended to September 2023, after which the new system will be approved permanently unless there are sufficient objections. The parish council has strongly opposed the changes, which have resulted in most flights on the approach to Luton coming over our parish at heights of about 8000ft.

An opposition group has been set up RELAS - Reject Luton Airport Stacking  
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/relas.ad6
Email info@relas.uk

Following a recent public meeting hosted by RELAS, the main theme was that the public need to complain if they are troubled by the flights. For advice on how to complain go to the RELAS facebook site, or email them.
Deadline for complaints 22nd September.