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Cream Teas at Wisteria Cottage hosted by Tony and Lynda Raymond for Friends of St James, July 2001        Photo: Ian Jack

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Travelling Library Service

The travelling library visits Waresley every first Friday in the month. 10.40 am outside the Duncombe Arms.
This is part of the Cambridgeshire library service, so books from the travelling library can be returned to any other Cambridgeshire library and vice versa. Books can be renewed on-line. You can also request books on-line - to be collected from the travelling library. There is a wide selection of books including large print and there is a large childrens section.
The next visit is scheduled for Friday April 5th

A428 Consultation

The decision on the route for the A428 upgrade has finally been made by Highways England and the northerly (orange) route is the one chosen. This is very good news for Waresley, as it means that the village and surrounding area is no longer threatened by the new route. It's also very good news for the whole area, as there will be an access point serving St Neots East, thus connecting St Neots and Cambridge via the upgrade. We have been waiting nearly two years for this decision, which comes as a great relief.

A decision has also been made on the Black Cat Roundabout: option C has been chosen- the most complex 3-tier option, which has no restrictions to the A1 or to the A421. This should also be of benefit to Waresley, indirectly, since reducing congestion on the A1 should mean less rat-run traffic through Waresley.

For more details go to 

The aim, according to Highways England, is to start construction in 2021/22, which will enable the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon scheme to be completed before work starts on the A428.

East-West Rail Route

The non-statutory public consultation on the Bedford to Cambridge leg of the East-West Oxford to Cambridge rail link has now opened.
The consultation will last until March 11th.

Unfortunately, the consultation does not show precise routes, but instead gives "potential route alignment areas" so it is not possible to see if the earlier route C1-9, which passed through Waresley Park, is still on the table. Five "route alignment areas" have been put forward and of these routes B and E include Waresley, though it is difficult to see this, as village names and most details have been left off the maps.

C1-9 passed very close to Waresley, coming between Gamlingay Wood and The Avenue and crossing the Wildlife Trust Reserve of Sugley Wood, and the parish council had been campaigning to have this route discounted. We were also campaigning for the adoption of a more sensible route, proposed by CamBedRailRoad, which served St Neots South, Cambourne and Northstowe and actually addressed local needs.To find out more about CBRR go to www.cambedrailroad.org

It's not clear whether EastWestRail have taken on board CBRR's proposals, but routes B and E now include a station at Cambourne, which was part of CBRR's scheme. However, because of the lack of detail, it's not possible to tell whether a route through Cambourne would also imply a railway through Waresley. But critically, B and E do not link St Neots with Cambridge. Furthermore, B and E both include a station at Tempsford, which would give the go-ahead to unsustainable development there, which in the parish council's view would be disastrous for the area.

As the CamBed RailRoad scheme is not included in the consultation, the parish council is recommending Route A as the most direct route, with the least environmental damage.

We urge everyone to give them your feedback. 

Forthcoming parish council meetings

The next full parish council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 14th May at 7.30 pm in Waresley Village Hall. This will be the AGM, when a new chairman is elected.
Please note earlier time.