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Cream Teas at Wisteria Cottage hosted by Tony and Lynda Raymond for Friends of St James, July 2001        Photo: Ian Jack

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Travelling Library Service

The travelling library visits Waresley every first Friday in the month. 10.40 am outside the Duncombe Arms.
This is part of the Cambridgeshire library service, so books from the travelling library can be returned to any other Cambridgeshire library and vice versa. Books can be renewed on-line. You can also request books on-line - to be collected from the travelling library. There is a wide selection of books including large print and there is a large childrens section.
The next visit is scheduled for Friday August 2nd.

A428 Consultation


Now that the Northern orange route has been chosen, Highways England has opened a public consultation on the details of the new A428 route from the Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet.

This consultation runs until 28th July.

Highways England say that the aim of the consultation is to “seek your views on the scheme proposals. Your feedback will inform our continuing development of the scheme, up to the point at which we are ready to submit our application for planning consent.”


For more information go to


where you can download the consultation details and a response form.


There is also a “fly-through” video at



There are also a number of consultation events, including the following

Friday 21 June 2019

12 noon to 8pm

St Neots Priory Centre

Priory Lane, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 2BH

Monday 24 June 2019

12 noon to 8pm

Wyboston Village Hall

Wyboston, Bedford MK44 3AG

Saturday 29 June 2019

10am to 4pm

Newton Primary School

Caxton End, Eltisley, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 6TL


East-West Rail Route

The non-statutory public consultation on the Bedford to Cambridge leg of the East-West Oxford to Cambridge rail link has now closed.

Unfortunately, the consultation did not show precise routes, but instead gave "potential route alignment areas" so it was not possible to see if the earlier route C1-9, which passed through Waresley Park, was still on the table. Five "route alignment areas" had been put forward and of these routes B and E included Waresley, though it was difficult to see this, as village names and most details had been left off the maps.

C1-9 passed very close to Waresley, coming between Gamlingay Wood and The Avenue and crossing the Wildlife Trust Reserve of Sugley Wood, and the parish council had been campaigning to have this route discounted. We were also campaigning for the adoption of a more sensible route, proposed by CamBedRailRoad, which served St Neots South, Cambourne and Northstowe and actually addressed local needs.To find out more about CBRR go to www.cambedrailroad.org

It's not clear whether EastWestRail had taken on board CBRR's proposals, but routes B and E included a station at Cambourne, which was part of CBRR's scheme. However, because of the lack of detail, it was not possible to tell whether a route through Cambourne would also imply a railway through Waresley. But critically, B and E do not link St Neots with Cambridge. Furthermore, B and E both include a station at Tempsford, which would give the go-ahead to unsustainable development there, which in the parish council's view would be disastrous for the area.

As the CamBed RailRoad scheme was not included in the consultation, the parish council is recommended Route A as the most direct route, with the least environmental damage.

Results of the consultation are awaited.

Local Highway Improvement

The parish council has been successful in our bid under the Local Highways Initiative scheme for 40 mph buffer zones on the B1040 at each entrance to the village. We have been trying for some years to reduce the speed of traffic through the village and are delighted that our bid has been accepted.

Detailed plans can be seen on the Parish Council noticeboard or obtained from the Chair (jack.eleanor@gmail.com)

The informal consultation on the scheme has now closed.


Forthcoming parish council meetings

The next parish council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 4th at 8pm in Waresley Village Hall.
All welcome.